CHINA Canton Tiger Island !! ALLOM Steel Engraving

Steel Engraving from1859!
--- another quality print from Martin2001 ---

Tiger Island
Entrance of the Canton River
Artist: Stanfield / Elliot; Engraver: Goodall
Published by the London Printing and Publishing Company

100+ years old art print ... in excellent condition ... reverse side is blank !

Size: Size of the image: 4 3/4 x 7 ; overall print size including blank margins: 8 x 10 1/2 inches (1 inch = 2,54 cm)
Condition: Excellent condition . Printed on heavier wove paper.

From the original description:
THE voyage from Hong-Kong to Canton is frequently performed in a junk; but regular packets run between the two places. The first part of the trip is across the Delta, the area of which is largely occupied with islands, islets, and sand-banks. This Delta, or the " Outer Waters," as it is called amongst maritime men, is terminated by the Bocca Tigris, or the Bogue, in lat. 22° 45' N., long. 113° 15' E.; which is the entrance to the Pearl river. The Bogue has, on the east side, the islands Anunghoy and Chuenpee ; on the west, the island of Ty-cock-tow; in the centre, that of North Wantung. These islands were strongly fortified, and the forts upon them were called the Bogue Forts. Immediately on clearing the Bogue, on the west is Tiger Island, lying on the north of Ty-cock-tow,
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