CHINA Hu-Peh Province (Hubei) Silver Dollar, undated, Y127.1, FVF

Empire of China, Silver Dollar, Hu-Peh Province (Hubei) undated Y127.1, FVF, see scan.
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General Information about This and Upcoming Auctions

As to Chinese coins, I am primarily a collector of the traditional cash coins, and a specialist in the Northern Song Dynasty, for which I have published a standard variety catalog, 北宋代钱币图说 Northern Song Dynasty Cash Variety Guides . In 2011 I offered my large collection of struck Chinese to the collecting public, but there were a handful of items that did not sell. This piece is part of that group.

Every coin in this group came out of China with a returning missionary sometime prior to WW2, and were once mounted on wooden boards in brittle glassine envelopes, at least that’s how I remember them. This is a native Chinese way of collecting coins: cash coins used to be sewn onto boards through their center holes, but in the case of modern struck coins without holes, envelopes had to be employed to display them the same way. None of the Chinese coins in this auction came out of China at a later date, so all are genuine. Any and every coin in this or any of my auctions is authentic, without being in a slab, and I guarantee them unconditionally to be authentic, and returnable if undamaged by the buyer and in the original holder or mounting.
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