China Kuang Hsu, Yung He Xi Shop Banknote VF/EF

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China Kuang Hsu, Yung He Xi Shop Banknote VF/EF

Our Ref 15.8-2

Symbols and Abbreviations

UNC (Uncirculated) - A Perfect uncirculated item, clean, bright, crisp (W paper permits), well-margined, without folds.

AU (Almost Uncirculated) - T is one fold, a teller counting smudge or counting Wrinkle present.

EF (Extremely Fine) - A Crisp, bright, pleasing, item which may, at first glance, look unciruclated but perhaps has corner folds.

VF (Very Fine) - Typically an item marked by moderate quarter folds with perhaps a few other signs of handling, should be clean, not seriously aged, torn, or pinhold.

F (Fine) - The last grade of an item in which the paper still has body. The folds are numerous and the design is beginning to show signs of soiling and wear.

VG (Very good) - A well circulated item, complete, unimpaired except for petty edge splits, pin holes, some surface splitting along heavy folds and soiling. (may be repaired)

Good (Good) - An even more heavily circulated item with body holes, petty tears and splits, very soiled and tired, scarcely legible. (may be repaired)

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