China Peoples Rebublic of China Paper Money PMG GRADED VF 25 Net

Please do not ask to end the auction early or make offers. Buyer is responsible for all state sales taxes.. Please let us invoice you after the auction ends. Normal mail in the U.S takes 7-10 days..the grades we use to describe items for best to worst: Gem,choice,unc,au,ef,vf,fine,vg,good, and low grade.Lower grade is a term i use to describe the worst possible condition. If you have any problems with any auction you must contact us first-return the item for a full refund at our expense. we put many items on ebay and if we make a mistake, we want to make it right. We reserve the right to cancel the auction if we make an error in the listing or a mistake in the scan by giving a full refund upon the return of the auction at sellers expense. A scan may make the item look better or worse than the actual grade.

on 3rd party professional graded notes, we are selling what that company says it is and not what the the buyers or sellers opinion of the grade(condition of the note) If you don't know how to grade please contact the grading company or look at their website to understand their grading standards.

shipping outside the United States----------- Buyers are responsible for all custom duties. we will ship express mail at a cost of $38 to the buyer. (our cost is $38)

the reason for the high overseas shipping cost
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