Here for your consideration is an extraordinarily rare and lovely early China ROHMER French Fashion, replicated for your pleasure by internationally recognized artist, Judge and Doctor of Dollmaking, Margaret Wolfe-Wilson, aka Margaret-Anne...and, yes, that's me.

She has been cast from a Doll Artisan Guild 2011 Convention mold and very happy to say that she has been taken down to our new favorite size, 12"-13" French Fashion , with Rohmer forearms poured in Bell's Blue/White porcelain, glazed and fired to a beautiful transluscent finish. Her decoration (features) have been painted with the utmost of care to make her as close and authentic as her antique counterpart. She has Hand Glasscraft Paperweight eyes in a brown/hazel and wears an exquisite little handmade and hand dyed curly lambskin wig. Her eyelids are dark and tapered on the ends but left heavier through the center to give her that dreamy, almost swooning look....definitely a young girl in love! The eyelashes and brows are correctly placed being careful to give them the right angle as on the antique. The mouth accenting includes the upper and lower lip accent lines, as well as that very distinctive fine line designating the separation of the lips and upturned at the corners to accentuate her slightly smiling expression!

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