China Sample Plate, RARE, Homestead Hotel, C&O RR,

For Sale is a RARE sample plate made by Syracuse China exclusively for the Homestead Hotel in Hot Springs, Virginia. The Homestead Hotel was one of the elegant resort hotels built by the railroads (in this case the Chesapeake & Ohio Railroad) as destinations for their travelers on their trains. The Homestead was built in 1903 and still functions in all its upscale glory. Thus this plate may be on interest to both RR collectors and restaurantware collectors, plus of course collectors of Syracuse China products.
In recent correspondence from the Archives Dept. of Syracuse China Company (copy available), I have conformed this plate was made in 1977 as a sample plate exclusively for the Homestead. As they say "Your plate is a sample plate, #23923 is the sample number. The Homestead ordered this item one time. Our records do not show how many plates were produced for that order." In any case I doubt that many collectors have seen this beautiful plate, is a chance to add something unusual to your collections.
Much like the collectible Nature Studies series produced by Syracuse China, this plate has a beautiful red and blue floral design of Irises on its front. This plate is a service plate, 10 3/4 inches in diameter, used only by the hotel for presentation purposes in their dining room. To quote again, "The Elton Service Plate,
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