Chinese Antique Carved Wooden Pencil Holder Inlaid With Shell Design

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here is one Carved Wooden Pencil Holder Inlaid With Shell Design

Height:8.25 inches, width:8.25 inches, Weight : 6.7 lbs, Condition : good, origin: I have bought this piece from one internet antiques store at in 2001. I have been one lover of asian culture sine 1990, specially in Culture of China, through these years I have bought some repeat items and also my interest point has been changed fron one issue to another frequently, so I can sell out some of items and also can share my collection with you guys. Background knowledge: Art&Culture of the Qing Dynasty

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Qing Dynasty (AD 1644 - 1911): The Qing Dynasty was founded after the defeat of the Ming, the last Han Chinese dynasty, by the Manchus. The Manchus were formerly known as the Jurchen. When Beijing was captured by peasant rebels leaded by Li Zicheng in 1644, the last Ming Emperor Chongzhen
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