Chinese Antique Dehua Ware Porcelain Kuanyin Buddha Statue

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here is one Dehua Ware Porcelain Kuanyin Buddha Statue.

Height: 46 cm, width: 13 cm, Weight : 4.2 lbs, Condition : good, origin: Art&Culture of Dehua Ware
The first Dehua Kiln, whose white porcelain became a representative genre of the Chinese porcelain industry, was a famous kiln that specialized in white porcelain making. Its sites spread about within the scope of today's Dehua County, in East China's Fujian Province. Dehua County in central Fujian Province is known as one of the Three Porcelain Capitals in China, together with Jingdezhen in East China's Jiangxi Province and Liling in Central China's Hunan Province. Dehua porcelain dates back to the Song Dynasty (960-1279). Solid and smooth, Dehua porcelain is resistant to both heat and cold. One type of "Jianbai" porcelain in particular has a sparkle and luster even more stunning than whitejade, and its -white color and superb
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