Chinese Antique B&W Porcelain Plate w Traditional Figures

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here is one B&W Porcelain Plate w Traditional Figures.

Height: cm, width: cm, ( diameter: 40 cm, thickness: 7 cm, ) Weight : 7.6 lbs, Condition : good, origin: Background knowledge: Art&Culture of the Ming Dynasty

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Ming Dynasty (1368 - 1644): Throughout the Yuan Dynasty, which lasted less than a century, there was relatively strong sentiment among the populace against the Mongol rule. The frequent natural disasters since the 1340s finally led to peasant revolts. The Yuan Dynasty was eventually overthrown by the Ming Dynasty in 1368.Urbanization increased as the population grew and as the division of labor grew more complex. Large urban centers, such as Nanjing and Beijing, also contributed to the growth of private industry. In particular, small-scale industries grew up, often specializing
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