Chinese Bronze Makara Mythical Beast

An unusual depiction of a Sino Tibetan bronze Makara/mythical beast. Has the snout similar to that of an elephant, body of a lion, a movable tale, wings on the shoulders and lower legs, and five-clawed feet of a dragon. This may have been some kind of censer as the body is hollow and on the underside there is a bronze plate that had been soldered closed. Measures approx. 10-3/4" long by 4" wide by 7-3/4" inches in height and weighs just under 8 lbs. Makaras originated, according to Buddhist tradition, during the time right after Buddha's awakening when all hatred disappeared from the world. Animals that had been enemies or prey mated with each other and produced hybrid animals called makaras. The age of this piece is unknown and was purchased at an auction containing many very old Asian items and collections.