Chinese Carved temple bell jade nephrite statue Huge++

Our main expertise is to provide fine workmanship and representative artifacts of traditional chinese culture to our internet customers at affordable price.
All our artifacts are designed and hand-made from our own factory with experience and skillful craftmen with us for more than 15 years. Each piece is carefully examined, selected, and delivered to our customers at our best efforts promptly and securely.
We have been a renown antique wholesaler along the Yangtze river region, with our current management the 4th generation of traditional chinese antique dealer family. We make the bold move this year of auspicious 2008 as our first expansion and launch on eBay.
Our fervent wish that this provides our loyal customers a more convenient opportunity to buy antique online and for young customer to enjoy a long-term delightful business with us. Item Type: Material: jade Condition: Good Size: L (inch) 4x4x8 Net Weight:(g) 3725g Shipping cost Accessories included: None No R eserve Remarks: good collection or ornament in your office or home,treasure gift

Insurance : ----- For any accident . Insurance is required to ship oversea. TKS

All the artifacts that you have seen here in our store are amongs the most collectible and value-for-money. I believe they will continue to bring joy and smiles whether as private collection
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