Chinese Decorative Porcelain Egg: TM Gold Satsuma

Chinese Porcelain Egg w/ Gold
This is an authentic, HIGH QUALITY decorative egg from China. Many cheap knockoffs are for sale on eBay and in Chinese gift-shops; this is not one of those light-weight products of shoddy craftsmanship! This egg is 7" tall and comes with a nice mahogany stand. The egg has gold leafing throughout, and the scene on both sides depicts a dragon-boat carrying 8 high-class Chinese women. The number 8 is lucky in Chinese culture, and the detail of this should not be overlooked. The paint is textured and is gorgeous.
The area of the egg not depicting the boat scene is filled with flowers and butterflies; the goldsmith work is tremendous. The bottom of the egg reads "TM Gold Satsuma." Those familiar with that inscription will instantly know the quality of this product! This egg is VERY FRAGILE! T is NO RESERVE on this auction, so good luck, and HAPPY BIDDING!
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