Offered is this cast metal Chinese Flying Horse of Kansu figure sculpture statue. It dates to the late Han Dynasty. This is a reproduction of the original which was dug up in 1969. The following is some information about the statue was given to me from an extremely helpful fellow eBay member. Thanks to you, orientalhorizons!

"It was one of the "star" pieces found in a major Chinese archaeological find in 1969. It was excavated from Kansu 甘肅(now spelled Gansu in official Chinese pinyin romanization) province in the city of Wuwe武威 in an area known as Leitai 雷台 from an Eastern Han (25 A.D. - 220 A.D.) dynasty tomb. The reason this piece is so famous is because the horse is flying but does not have any wings. One of the horse hoofs is stepping on a swallow while the swallow is in flight. That means the horse is galloping in the air going faster than the swallow. It was widely publicized as a major discovery for "New China" at a time when the United States did not recognized the Peoples Republic of China but recognized the Republic of China - Taiwan."

The statue measures 6 1/4" high X 8" long. It is in excellent condition. It's heavy for it's size weighing slightly over 2.5 lbs. on it's own. A great addition for any collection.

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