Chinese Giant Circus Elephant FROG ~ Georgia Chill CURE

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"Chinese Giant" (see in the tree)
"Hall's Georgia Chill Remedy." - puzzle card
"Puzzle Card ... Find: Two Leopard Heads, Tiger Head,
Rhinoceros, Hippopotamus,
Clown, Parrot, Owl, Alligator Head, Frog,
Chinese Giant .....
From a web site:
Often billed as Chang Yu Sing the gargantuan Chang Woo Gow was born in Fychow, China in 1845 and, before appearing in front the Prince and Princess of Wales by request in 1864, the nearly eight-foot giant was best known for delighting the emperor of China as part of his royal court.
In 1881 the great P. T Barnum contracted Chang to his Greatest Show on Earth. At $600 a week Chang was one of the most well paid attractions of his time and he proved to be worth every penny. Aided by a Barnum advertisement campaign, the giant billed as being ‘as strong as Heracles’ and ‘as beautiful as Apollo’ Chang drew record crowds and hordes of admirers. In fact despite being paired with a demure Chinese woman named King-Foo, hired to play the role of his bride, female admirers were persistent in their pursuit of the Chinese giant. The courting was so intense that Chang was forced to address his availability in nearly every interview he granted as it was always amongst the first questions reporters asked.
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