Chinese Hetian Jade Bracelet NR

Chinese Hetian Jade Bracelet NR

Chinese Hetian Jade Bracelet


59(inlaid diameter)*18*9(mm)

2.32(inlaid diameter)*0.71*0.35 (in)


H ello, everyone, welcome to Quan Rong Gallery. We guarantee each piece of art crafts in our store is unique, and is made by hand with authentic materials.

The item is made of Chinese Hetian nephrite jade and is good for decoration. The item is a finely Chinese traditional and cultural workmanship. The wood base is not included. But you can pay extra dollars to have one.

Tips about Chinese Hetian Nephrite Jade Hetian jade is a nephrite jade and is regarded as the only true jade in ancient China until Burmese jadeite becomes popular in late Qing Dynasty. The hardness of the Hetian jade is between 6 to 6.5. The density is between 2.96 to 3.17. Most of the nephrite jade in the world are green. However, there is a wide variety of Hetian nephrite jade and the white Hetian nephrite jade is the best. Normally, the Hetian jade is silky, exquisite, moist, and bright. Hetian nephrite jade is called 'China stone' by Gem and Jewelry Trading Association of China. The nephrite jade is a naturally occurring and coherent aggregate of several minerals. The qualified nephrite jade is generally recovered from alluvial
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