Chinese jade bangle handwork carved,dragon head design jade Bracelet

Welcome to my eBay! Chinese jade Bracelet size: Outside diameter 73mm ; Inside diameter 57mm
Measure a palm most the diameter size of the breadth(namely the palm width of the thumb and index finger), and according to the bracelet of the path size inside the following data choice accommodation:

62-66 MM with inside 50-52 MM circle bracelet

66-70 MM with inside 52-54 MM circle bracelet

70-74 MM with inside 54-56 MM circle bracelet

74-78 MM with inside 56-58 MM circle bracelet

78-82 MM with inside 58-60 MM circle bracelet

over 82MM above 60 MM circle bracelet.

Note:Make choice of purchase expensive imperial concubine's bracelet of oval needs to be in abovely choose to add a 1-2 mms in the path.


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