Chinese Jade Dragon-Tiger Bowl (#J1036)

Splendid Chinese 9 Dragons, 3-Legged Jade Stone Carved Bowl with Lid         Can you picture this splendid hand-carved jade stone 3-legged bowl with lid displayed on your shelves? It is a bowl carved from jade stone and t are a total of 9 dragons, carved in the ancient style, 2 on the lid and 7 on the bowl. The Chinese people always consider themselves as descendents of dragons, a mythical creature that has the combined features of deer, fish, tiger, lion, horse, ox, donkey, snake and vulture. This creature is highly revered by the Chinese who believe that it is associated with clouds, thunderbolts and rainfalls. The Chinese dragons is said to be able to walk on the land, swim in the sea and fly in the air and is the deity of the wind and the rain. Dragons symbolize power, dignity, luck, strength and success. Chinese emperors proclaimed they were incarnations of the real dragons to assure their superior authority. The totem is so deeply rooted in Chinese mind that it can be found almost everyw in Chinese people's life. This is not only a fabulous looking display, it is also a functional item too, great for storing knick-knacks.
Jade, also known as Jadeite, has always been valued by the Asians as a symbol of good luck, good health and power to resist evil spirits. The Chinese have been having an on-going love affair with jade
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