Chinese Jadeite / Jade Statue - Dragon & Ruyi NR

Chinese Jadeite / Jade Statue - Dragon & Ruyi NR

Chinese Jadeite / Jade Statue - Dragon & Ruyi


Each item will be coated with the liquid oil and wrapped very well when you receive the item. The liquid oil is a way of protection.


Height 5.31" /135mm

Width 3.58 " /91mm

Depth 0.87 " /22mm

Weight 1.05 lbs/ 475g

Hello, everyone, welcome to Quan Rong Gallery. We guarantee each piece of art crafts in our store is unique, and is made by hand with authentic materials.

The item is made of jadeite / jade and is good for decoration. The item is a finely Chinese traditional and cultural workmanship. The wood base is included.

Tips about Jadeite Jade Jadeite generally occurs in metamorphic rocks with a higher-pressure origin. Jadeite is made of interlocking, blocky, granular crystal. The hardness of the Jadeite is usually between 6.5 to 7. The density of the Jadeite is between 3.25 to 3.36. Jadeite, compared to nephrite jade, commonly has a more sugary or granular texture. Jadeite appears in a number of colors. Jadeite becomes popular in late Qing Dynasty. Emerald-green jadeite, colored by chromium, is called imperial jade. The process of producing a Jadeite art craft is complicated, including cutting, grinding,
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