Old Chinese/Japanese Black Silk Robe/Jacket/Kimono w/2 Gold Embroidered Dragons

Here is a Gorgeous Antique Chinese or Japanese Black Silk Jacquard with Gold Rayon Lining, Button Up Jacket or Short Robe. This is a very cool Jacket--It has a old Label that says Made in Japan--then "The Orient" from Long Beach, Los Angeles, Hollywood Calif. It is a real Hollywood Regency Piece!!!! It could have been a real Star's Jacket!!!! I just love the tag and thinking where it might have been. If clothes could talk. The black jacquard silk also has a Dragon curled up into a ball design too--matching the embroidered Gold Dragon. On the front it has an Embroidered Dragon that is curled up into a circle, with red embroidered flames and gold clouds surrounding him. The gold thread used in the embroidery is made with real gold. The same gold thread is used in the embroidered trim around the cuffs, and hem. It has a thin gold cord around the neck, cuffs, vents, and hem. On the back there are embroidered clouds. The Dragon mouth is open showing his sharp white teeth, red tongue, red lined ears, black and white mean eyes and yellow eyebrows. He also has horns, hair, whiskers, scales, and a nose. His body weaves in and out of the fabric with red flames and clouds surrounding him. This piece is beautiful!!! It is a highly embroidered piece of art. It will be stunning, the centerpiece and the main attraction hanging in any more 3/4 long ... read more