This is likely a very rare badge. Aside from a brief mention in the Seattle Post Intelligencer on December 12, 1941, I've not found more about the "CHINESE PATRIOTIC LEAGUE" in Seattle (where I live) or elsewhere. That article reports that the League was passing out patriotic red, white, and blue buttons stamped with "Chinese" to people of Chinese ancestry so they would not be identified as Japanese. During WWII, the persecution of U.S. Japanese citizens spilled over to victimize Chinese people because the general public was not able to distinguish between the two.

The badge is stamped aluminum as far as I can tell. The front of the badge has a shiny surface that is tarnished as if it was silver plated. I believe this is the case but do not warrant it. For the purpose of this listing I call it unknown material. I've left the patina as found. The pin works as designed.

The rear does not shine but is clearly stamped, "P-C. Stampwrks Seattle" (not a typo here; the "o" is actually missing). This stood for Pacific Coast Stampworks, a company that has become Mastermark, Inc. That 100-year-old company is now based in Kent, WA. They have a detailed company history posted on their website.

Why this badge includes the word "INSPECTOR" is still a mystery. Perhaps you can fill in the rest of the story. There was other
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