Chinese Qin Dynasty 18th C. Feitsu Jade Tea Set
Original Qin Dy Feitsu Jade (kingfisher Jadeite) set used in traditional Chinese tea ceramony.

A very rare and unusual high quality Qin Dynasty tea set used for the traditional tea ceramony.
The set is 100% pure Feitsu Jade hand carved and hand polished & offered with a magnificent case as seen in the images.
Jade in China :
Jade (pronounced "Yu" in Chinese - meaning "the most beautiful stone") was considered a royal gem in China from the earliest dynasties up until present times, and is inextricably woven into ancient and modern Chinese culture. The use of Jade in China dates beck some 8000 to 12,000 years, and was an integral part of commercial, religious and ceremonial life. Although the finest jade was used in Imperial courts, the use of jade in everyday life crossed all socioeconomic boundaries.
Feitsu or "kingfisher" Jadeite in China:
In the 17th century during the early Qing Dynasty (1644 - 1911), large scale importation of jadeite from Northern Burma caused nephrite to loose popularity in China. Jadeite with its bright emerald-green, lavender and reddish-orange hues became known by the Chinese as "feitsu" or "kingfisher" jade, and was considered to be the "king of jade." The reddish coloration is attributed to iron impurities, while
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