Chinese Shoushan Stone Statue - Crane NR

Each item will be coated with the liquid oil and wrapped very well when you receive the item. The liquid oil is a way of protection.


Height 5.20" / 132mm
Width 5.04" / 128 mm
Depth 2.64" / 67 mm
Weight 3.01 lbs / 1365 g

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The item is made of Chinese Fujian Shoushan stone and is good for decoration. The item is a finely Chinese traditional and cultural workmanship. The wood base is included.

Tips about Shoushan Stone
Chinese Fujian Shoushan stone is one of four Chinese traditional stamp stones. There is more than one hundred variety of Shoushan stones. Except for stamps, Shoushan stone is produced for carving people, animal, flower and bird, landscape, stationery, tool, and other art objects.

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