Chinese Temple Dancer Dolls

These are a pair of Chinese Temple Dancer Dolls - Man and a Woman. These are unusual in that they usually do not come in pairs and usually they are men dressed as women. They are 8" tall on pedestals and are especially elaborate and unique. Their faces are egg shell with the male face painted. Faces have no cracks and they are beautifully painted. Their clothes are made of varied cloths and paper. Their hands are paper and the have a crack at the wrist - very fragile!
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All of the dolls in our listingscame from my grandmother’s sister’s collection. She had over 1500 dolls. When her sister passed away the dolls were split up between all of the sisters. When my grandmother passed away the dolls went to my dad, who recently passed them on to me to help pay for our adoption.

We are not doll collectors and have tried to describe and represent the dolls the best we can. We have worked hard for our 100% feedback and want to continue with that standing. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or request for additional pictures. We know dolls are highly collectable and want our customers to be completely satisfied. Thank you for looking and good luck.