4 Chinese Thought Hemorrhage Alara Reborn PRE-SALE MTG

Welcome to our ebay store for Chinese MTG Magic cards !The cards are all S-Chinese and in Mint condition straight from pack

This is pre-sale auction for the coming alara reborn,the cards will be shipped within 3 business days after the release date (30th.April)

Buyers will receive a notification after cards shipped

Card Description

Exsanguination* Sorcery Name a nonland card. Target player reveals his or her hand. Exsanguination deals 3 damage to that player for each card with that name in his or her hand. Search that player's graveyard, hand, and library for all cards with that name and remove them from the game. Then that player shuffles his or her library. #47?/145 Payment PAYPAL ONLY Shipping Information All cards will be shipped via registered air mail from China to worldwide All cards will be shipped within 3 business days once payment is received / e-check cleared Shipping Cost We understand buyers are always inclined to purchase low shipping cost items so we are trying to supply as lowest shipping cost as we can for international safty delivery

Shipping is free in this auction

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