Chinese water lily Carp Painting Scroll, Qing Dynasty

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Massive Chinese water lily Carp Painting Scroll, Qing Dynasty

This item is magnificent.

It is a scroll that is painted just like it mentions up top, and within the painting are a variety of smooth colors like light green that contrasts with regular green and t are some red or pink touches as well.

This item is in very good condition.

Size: (Height: 77.16Inch( 196cm ) Width: 28.54Inch ( 72.5cm ) Age: 1848-1910 A.D. Author: Liushuntian certificate: The buyer will get, Certificate of Antique Authenticity. Chinese painting History

Chinese characters evolved from pictures and signs, and the Chinese art of calligraphy developed naturally from its unique writing system. Through the ages, great calligraphers developed representative calligraphic styles of their times. The love of calligraphy is deeply ingrained in Chinese scholars, and has been handed down to the present day.

The roots of Chinese painting can be traced back to paintings on Neolithic pottery six or seven thousand years ago. Since similar tools and lines were used for the earliest painting and writing, painting is said to have the same origin as calligraphy. Thus, Chinese paintings usually integrate poetry or calligraphy with themes that include figures, landscapes, flowers, birds and other animals.
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