Chinese White Jade 24kt Gold Jeweled Cowherd Boy

Exquisite old Chinese white jade 24 karat jeweled Cowherd Boy. Weight of this item is 6 lbs.

It is 9.5" L x 4.0"W x 7.0" H

This magnificent piece of carved white jade is estimated to be approximately 2000 years old. A lot of these carved white jade gilt gold jeweled pieces were funerary objects and have been buried for hundreds of years.

The different animals signify and symbolize different things to the Chinese and are revered for many reasons.

Although being buried for hundreds of years, embedded dirt on the objects from burial still allow the beauty and evidence of hand tooling to still be evident.

We have several similar items for sale in this unusual collection of Chinese artifacts. They were all acquired by a private collector in the 1950’s and long before China put a restriction on items of this nature being exported from their country.

The gems used are emerald and carnelian and are bordered by individual woven, intricate gold braiding.

Some of the gems or jewels on these carvings may be missing in certain areas which can be attributed to the length of time they were buried and handling incurred when removed from the burial sites.

Although cleaning of the objects could be attempted, it should not, for you not only could damage the gilded gold and jewels,
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