Chiropractic - All 6 Original Renaissance Videos - Peter Graves Flesia/Riekeman

Here are all six of the original patient education videos from Renaissance (Drs. Joe Flesia and Guy Riekeman). These video launched a revolution in patient education. The videos were cutting edge for the time and introduced several new concepts of chiropractic to doctors and patients alike. The Peter Graves video alone was one of the most important education media ever produced for the chiropractic profession. All are in their original case and I see no obvious condition issues.

Video 1 – Introduction To the Office

Video 2 – Introduction To Chiropractic (Peter Graves)

Video 2 – Introduction To Chiropractic (James Newell)

Video 3 – Subluxation Degeneration (Russell Erhardt)

Video 3 – Subluxation Degeneration (James Newell)

Video 4 - Future Perfect (Jayne Kennedy)

Most people do not know that Bill Esteb was involved with Drs. Flesia and Riekeman. Here are comments from Bill Esteb’s website.

Drs. Riekeman and Flesia of Renaissance International leased the office space next to International Media Systems on the second floor of the Plaza Building . Back then, home VCRs had just come out and they had this idea of creating the world's first chiropractic patient education video. The idea being, if you put a carefully crafted message on a video, new patients would get
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