Choice original Very Fine+ to XF 1854 Braided hair US large cent Copper penny

COIN DESCRIPTION: These coins are how they appear in the photos... NO modifications have been done to enhance the photos. You will receive the item or items in the photos. This auction is for ..... A very nice chocolate brown raw uncertified original problem free Very Fine+ to XF in my opinion 1854 Braided hair large cent penny...More NR auctions just listed! This Coin looks exactly as seen in the pictures, please grade it and judge the value personally, some coins listed might have some marks through circulation and would be seen in the photos. .

I combine shipping! This item ships for FREE which includes delivery confirmation on this item, then Free shipping for each additional coin or coin lot, WAIT till all the coins you want are through, then PAY or I can not readjust the invoice.

Bidding/Shipping: Shipping for this item is FREE then free shipping for any other coin or coin lot! I ship first class, which includes delivery confirmation.. This shipping charge covers the shipping, delivery confirmation/tracking no. and my materials to package the coin or coins. I do not make money on shipping charges. You can take advantage on the combined shipping offer and hold payment until your done bidding on all the coins you like, just MAKE sure to pay with just one invoice. Payment needs to be made within 3 days of your first

Payment/Returns: .. AGAIN, Pay only once when you are completely done bidding on all of my coin auctions before making your paypal payment in order to take advantage of the shipping discount. If you pay for each coin seperately, then I have to ship them that way, so wait until you are done bidding and have checked out my online store. I accept Paypal any other payment questions please ask. I will send an electronic e-mail notice and after 3 days, if not paid, I will relist the item. If you have any payment questions, please e-mail me. Returns are accepted within 7 days of receipt if coin was misrepresented. The photos I take show the exact coin you are bidding on.

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