Chokin Collection Fine China (12)Plates Dynasty Gallery

T are 12 plates in this collection, however the picture only shows 9 plates. T are indeed twelve plates, and I forgot to add 3 of them in the picture. The collection consists of six 6.5 inch plates and six 4.5 inch plates. They are from the Chokin Collection, Dynasty fine china. The plates are rimmed in wide bands of gold. One of the larger plates has all the Chokin information on the back, three of the larger plates have nothing on the back, and two in the collection have Lacy KC350 Fine China Keito, Japan. All six of the smaller plates have all of the Original Chokin information on the back. They are all Chokin and from the same collection. I purchased these a few years ago at an estate sale and have used them for candles at holiday time. They are very nice all staggered with different height candles. They are lovely for holiday decorating. T are no chips or cracks. The gold rims have a few small marks or small scratches from normal use, but over all they are in very good condition. One of the larger plates still has the Chokin lable attached to it. It says "Original Chokin Art Collection"...On the back of seven of the plates it has all the information. It has the Dynasty Gallery, Original Chokin Collection, exclusive Designs Seal. Then it has Dynasty fine china produced for collectors around the world Japan...The Art Of Chokin. ... read more