Christ Icon - Oil on Canvas - FM Thomas 1910 - Framed - Christ & Crown of Thorns

Here for sale is an oval shaped Oil on Canvas painting or portrait of Christ wearing the Crown of thorns, gazing heavenward.

Painted by F M Thomas in what looks like 1910, it is a vivid representation of the sufferings of Christ.

It is an Oil on Canvas, the paint has cracked in 3/4 places mostly at the 7o'clock area of the canvas, due to age I would imagine.

The wooden frame has a wooden back for hanging and what looks like a gilt metal outer frame on the front. There is also a glass front on the frame.

The inner surround has obviously been cut to shape, it's a bit like a thrupnee bit!

It would not look out of place in a church or other place of worship.

a very effective and compelling portrait

The frame is 31cm x 26cm, and about 18mm deep.

I don't know anything about FM Thomas he could be famous, he could be an amatuer, it's not a bad effort if he is.

Thanks for looking, feel free to ask any questions.

Paul - Crowsnest