Christen Eagle Memorabilia Lot - Shirts, Jacket, Pins, Patch, Sticker

This lot is all Christen Eagle related from the personal effects of a nonpilot member of the Christen Eagle team back in around 1980.
There are two short-sleeve shirts (size 16) that have the Christen Eagle logo on front and back, along with the words "World of Aerobatics". The jacket is polyester, size M, blank front and Christen Eagle logo on back. All the clothing has the distinctive Christen Eagle stripes. The clothing has some minor dust and soiling that looks as if it could be laundered out. The clothing is all fairly clean as if it had been stored after being laundered.
The sticker is 3 1/2" in diameter, the patch is 3" in diameter, and the pins are 1" long. One pin is gold, the other is silver.

I just found another item, a dark blue polo shirt with the Christen Eagle Aerobatic logo on it. Don't know the size because it's still sealed in the package.