Christian Becker Analytical Balance Scale

Offered is a pristine Christian Becker Analytical Balance Scale. This is a Chainomatic model, with all the bells and whistles of the day. It has magnetic dampering and is equipped with Auto-Dex, a moveable index plate that eliminates delicate adjustments and saves time when weighing extremely small quanities. These were major inovations back in 1915, which is the about the time this scale was manufactured. This balance is totally intact, it even has the original "dumb-bell" rider weight that is positioned along the top of the notched beam. The gold chain is the heart of the Chainomatic system. Equilibrium is achieved by turning the exterior rotary dial, elevating or lowering the carriage ( vernier ) on the graduated column. This scale comes with a third pan, for use when conventional balancing is prefered. Research has revealed that the Becker Company used African mahogany ( from Ghana, formally the Gold Coast ) for their cases, which was aged for five years before being sent to the cabinet shop. The aged wooden case has it's original "French" style hand polished finish. The brass components have retained their lacquered protective coating, and show no signs of oxidation. The source of agates for the bearing points and knife edges were from select stock found in either Russia or South America. If it weren't for some very minor

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