Christian Dior Germany Necklace Earrings Dazzling 60's

Dazzling Christian Dior Germany Necklace and Earrings

White Carved Plastic Leaves, Flowers & White Balls

This is a beautiful set as only Dior made in the 60's. It is signed Chr. Dior Germany, 1967 which means it is by Henkel and Grosse, one of Dior's top designers. Grosse still designs for Dior today.

This demi-parure is from 1967 and has no noticeable flaws. It is a perfect summer statement piece, but could be worn at any time. It measures 15" around the neck so depending on the size of your neck it hangs down a bit or is a choker.

The gorgeous 5 strand necklace is approximately 2 5/8" tall around the neck. The earrings are 1" by 1 ½". They are clip backs and very secure. The clasp on the necklace is a hook and also extremely secure. I think that part of the original clasp may have been replaced since t is a bit of solder w the current hook attaches to the main part of the clasp. However this does not show when the clasp is closed so it is not noticeable when worn. The clasp works beautifully.

Don't miss this gorgeous demi!!!