This Christmas - 16 x 20 Canvas Print by Glory Haus, Traditions of Christmas

This is a 16" x 20" x1.5" canvas print stretched on a wood frame. It talks about the traditions of Christmas, what Christmas is all about, and reminds us of the excitement that comes with Christmas The perimeter of the frame is a deep red with green stars. On the print is written: This ChristmasStart a new tradition Sit on Santa's lap... Decorate the tree as a family...Share goodies with the neighbors... Make a gingerbread house ..Take a ride together and look at all the lights. Race to the mailbox each day to see the fun cards...Surprise a child Sing carols with joy, cherish time spent with loved ones...Keep it simple...Remember the true meaning of Christmas "This Christmas" is written on a large banner at the top of the print. In the top right corner is a beautiful decorated Christmas tree. In between the words that are lots of various symbols and pictures such as a Christmas tree, mailbox, string of lights, and others. In the bottom right corner is the real meaning of Christmas, the Savior is lying in a manger with a sheep on either side and under a star. (12201) Please check out our store for more beautiful home decor and gift items.