Christmas candle tower wooden 18" noel tour chandelier

This is a wooden Christmas candle tower. It stands 18" tall. Apparently when the candles are lit, the heat turns the blades and the tower figures. I have put it together, all pieces seem to be t but I did not light the candles. The figures are trumpeting angels, hand painted shepherds and their flock, manger scene, Wise men and camel driver. The candle holders are metal and the candles are red. One of them is slightly bent (see picture). You can find replacement candles on ebay. Original box included. I have never seen one of these. Apparently it is an "old world tradition". It looks like it has an Asian flair to me. Very unique, would make a great display at Christmas!12/2/08 Update - When I lit the candles I could not get the blades to spin. I may not have had the blades in properly, and I waited for 5-10 minutes. So before purchasing, please consider that the blades may not spin.