Christmas Elf Kit

The story goes like this, Santa has a naughty Elf that is making mischief in the North Pole and he wants him to come and live with your child to learn how to be good. This Elf only comes to life when nobody is watching and when he does he gets up to all sorts of little tricks, midnight feasts in front of the television, decorating the Christmas tree with toilet roll, hiding around the house or even making snow angels with the flour! On Christmas Eve the Elf will present your child with a goodbye letter & certificate before returning to the North Pole when your child is tucked up in bed. It’s a lovely tradition to start with your family, can be used for years to come and brings that extra piece of magic for all the family to share.

Our elves come with:

Elf (approx. 9" tall)

A mini stocking for your Elf to rest in

Introductory letter from Santa

Reindeer dust

Elf’s little magic key to get back to Lapland

Elf’s Jingle Bell to remind him of home

Chocolate coins to reward good behaviour!

Candy cane

Santa soup for Christmas Eve

Goodbye letter from the Elf for Christmas Eve

Nice List Certificate

You can choose any name for your Elf, the kids will have fun making it up!

We include a list
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