Christmas Magic TRENDMASTERS Mainstreet Parade animated

With the $59.99 price tag still attached you will know that you have chosen a lovely collectible by Trendmasters. This is VERY VERY rare and you will absolute be enamored by it!!!!! is the description of this HUGE set - The sights and sounds of CHristmas come to life. A magical parade is led by a marching band whose melodies fill the air. Beneath glowing lights, animated spectators come to life as the parade passes by. The giant Santa balloon hovers overhead to the delight of all, Santa greets the townspeople from his reindeer - drawn sleight, The Grand Marshal ushers in the parade, Old Pet hawks his famous roasted chestnuts, shoppers scurry along with their last minute purchases, Dinky the Clown delights the children in his little clown car, the Mainstreet Marching Band performs cherished Christmas carols, the townspeople cheer on the holiday parade, a man walks his dog beside the parade, Mayor O'Reilly greets his loyal citizens, Timmy and his mom do some Christmas shopping, the Benton family sways to the beat of the drums,. the Toy Box Float gets the attention of every child, the Dancing Tree waves to the cheerful crowd, the giant giant friendly snowman balloon floats over the holiday parade. I have another huge animated collection on auction as well as three vintage Mr. Christmas items - handpainted carousel, hotel and a snow ... read more