Christmas Shopping -Interwoven Socks- Full Page Ad

Full Page Ad entitled "Give him a box of Interwoven Toe and Heel Socks Saturday Evenint Post. December 9, 1922.

Page is 10 " x 14". Edges are torn but entire picture and advertisement is in good condition.

Norma Collected many sheets and covers out of Magazines which she saved to frame as pictures in our Home. Gerald made frames for over 100 of these and they are displayed in the home. Many are still left so she has decided to offer them for sale. This is one of them.

NOTE: Norma Kerr age 79 has decided to sell some of her collectables which she has purchased over the past 56 years. Most were purchased in Macon County, Missouri between 1960 and 1975. Macon City was the 11th largest Missouri city in 1870 and has many large Homes constructed between 1870 and 1920. Some of these homes were sold for the first time in the 1960'x and Norma bought many of her items from those sales. Gerald age 81(Her Husband for 57 years) retired recently and is using his computer skills to help her on this project. She hopes you will enjoy anything you purchase.