Christopher Stuart Barbados HK102 Lot of (6) Coupe Soup or Cereal Bowls, 8 3/8"

"Christopher Stuart Barbados HK102" -Lot of (6) Coupe Soup or Cereal Bowls, 8 3/8"- This is a discontinued pattern that was made from 1995 - 2004 Please only one lot in the flat rate box Good very lightly used to good lightly used condition with no chips, cracks, crazing.

E-bayers have their own way to describe their items, this is mine.

Good used will have utensil marks and show some wear.

Good lightly used has utensil marks, very light wear. Good very lightly used might have a few utensil marks, very light wear. Almost new, means I see no real signs of wear of any kind but won't sell as new. New means I know they are NEW.

Well USED is well USED, there is alot of wear and priced accordingly!

My pictures are part of my ad. Sometimes the camera catches what my eyes don't. E-bay allows every seller to put up 12 pictures in each ad and I try to show as much of the item as I can. There is also a "ZOOM" that should allow you to enlarge.

The majority of my listings are vintage estate pieces or department store excess inventory. Normal light scratches from normal use or storage may be present on some pieces. My inventory will never have chips, cracks, repairs, crazing, breaks or other flaws unless specifically and mentioned in the listing description. I handle hundreds of pieces, so on the unlikely chance
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