Chromatic Lantern - Foil MTG Return to Ravnica Moderate Play, English X1

1X English Chromatic Lantern - Foil in Moderate Play condition from Return to Ravnica.

All of our cards are sent in a sleeve, a toploader and then sealed in a Team Bag to ensure that you get the card in the condition you deserve. Shipping. We ship anywhere in the United States for free. For international sales we operate exclusively though Ebay's Global Shipping Program. The GSP may charge addition shipping fees outside our control. Items are shipped out daily Monday through Friday. Card Grading Scales: NEAR MINT (NM) to Mint: This card will be close to perfect, but may have one or possibly several minor imperfections such as one or several small chips or white marks along the edge, or occasionally one or several small, very light face marks noticeable only in bright light and at the correct angle. Its corners will be crisp and the card will have a bright, new card shine to its finish, showing no scuffs or noticeable whitening of any kind on its faces. Most cards in this condition were never played, out of pack and put into a sleeve and top loader. The card will be very well-centered if not perfectly-centered and will obviously have no bends, creases, tears, or writing on it. LIGHTLY PLAYED/SP (NM-): The card will have a few nicks on it usually pack defects that prevent this card from being NM+. Or someone drafted the card
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