Chronicles of Conan TPB (2003- ) #9-1ST NM comics book

Chronicles of Conan TPB (2003- ) #9-1ST NM comics book
Condition: Near Mint ( grading standards )
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Publisher: Dark Horse
Date Published: November 2005
Original Cover Price: $16.95
More info: Volume 9 - 1st printing. "Riders of the River-Dragons and other stories!" Collects Conan the Barbarian (1970-93 Marvel) #60-63, 65, and 69-71. Written by ROY THOMAS. Art by JOHN BUSCEMA and VAL MAYERIK. From the turbulent seas to the deepest, darkest jungles, the barbarian Conan moves ever closer to his destiny as king and conqueror. Allied with the deadly she-pirate BÃfªlit, Conan journeys further into the most savage and untamed Hyborian lands, and into his own heart of darkness. It's Sword and Sorcery at its finest! Softcover, full color.
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