Chronicles of Riddick goggles

Chronicles of Riddick Goggles

These are new with protective bag.

First I must be clear these are not exact replicas of the glasses that were worn in the movie but they are a close look if you are trying to pull off the costume prop and do not want to pay $150.00 from a prop store. The glasses are high quality dark polycarbonate lens. They have UV400 UV protection. Originally designed motorcycle riders or if you have eyes that glow and need to fight aliens.

And now for the humorous product disclaimer.

And I have to add that film Chronicles of Riddick are owned by Universal Studios in case you thought I bought the rights and was selling goggles or the movie on Ebay.

If you get them and they are broken or you discover you do not have a head with eyes you can return them…past that you have a shiny new pair of goggles.

Ship anyw in the US for the low price of Free.

To be honest I will ship anyw in the universe outside the US if you will pay the shipping cost. It will take me awhile to get a price from NASA if you want them shipped to the moon. If you are closer like Australia they I will have to get a price and you will have to pay it.

This doesnt say anything I just wanted the fine print.