This is a beautiful .999 fine silver limited edition medallion offered only be private screening attendees.Upon completion of this special minting all dies were destroyed to enhance the medallions value.The medallion has been commissioned by the Chrysler Corporation to commemorate the historic 200th anniversary of the Bill of Rights of the United States.The medallion depicts and commemorates the articles of our Constitution that ensure every American's rights and individual freedoms.Since it's ratification on December 15, 1791,the Bill of Rights has been cherished by all Americans for protecting their rights.This medallion has a Certificate of Authenticity signed by the mintmaster Jeffery J. Carneal (Liberty Mint).The medallion has a hard plastic cover that protects it from finger prints.The case is in mint condition also.What a great gift for that special collector that loves unusual and items of growing value plus it's fine silver.On one side of the medallion is an eagle with uplifted wings standing on our flag with the top stating "Life,Liberty And The Pursuit Of Happiness" and on the bottom "One Troy Ounce .999 Fine Silver". The other side the background show the Bill of Rights with a feather pen in front stating on top"Bill Of Rights" and the bottom "1791-1991".The case is a burgandy with white satin showing the Chrysler emblem ... read more