Chrysoberyl Garnet Crystals in Mica matrix Oxford Co ME

This is a lot of 5 ( five ) Chrysoberyl Crystals in Matrix..The crystals are sometimes partial and measure up to about 3/8 inch and are yellow in color. Some specimens have more than one crystal or crystal sections.. They are difficult to see in the picture so there are two loose crystal sections included ( not counted with the other 5 ) to show the approximate size. Specimen in the top left has some 5 or more garnet crystals sticking up of a nice red color, some damaged, but not a whole lot of Chrysoberyl only about an 1/8 inch crystal and another section., the other specimens have albite feldspar, mica, quartz, garnet matrix depending upon the specimen. These are from a location in Oxford County, Maine which will be on the label. .Any Questions will be answered promptly..please check our other listings, we hold and combine items on request to reduce S&H where possible..Thank you for looking.