CHRYSOCOLLA ps. BOLEITE- Baja California, Mexico.

This Week's Auctions:

Chrysocolla ps. Boleite

Amalia Mine, Santa Rosalia Co., Baja California, Mexico

0.75x 0.7x 0.6 cm

This was ine of the obscure new finds from this year's tucson show, though one which I consider to be among the most significant of the show. This is the best single crystal that was avaialble. The specimen consists of a boleite cube with pseudoboleite that have been completely replaced by chrysocolla.

We have all seen the deep blue boleite cubes that have been around for years, but these specimens are from a limited new find, and this one is among the best single crystals recovered. In many of the others, the pseudomorphing is not as clear.

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