Church Organ Large

Large church organ. Collection only. thanks

Very sorry about the brief description, I did not think anyone would be interested. I am not musical so forgive me for my simple description. The organ was left at my house by the previous owner, he was the local church organist and is now deceased. We also have a grand piano which a tuner came to look at, when he was at the house he played the organ and commented on how good it's condition was. I have taken a few more photos of the keys and I hope this will answer many of the questions I have received. The organ is electric and it has Crane Church Organ Liverpool written on the front. I would be guessing if I estimated it's age. It is in very good condition and appears to have had little use. This item is not free postage, it's collection only.

I have had an assessment made on the organ by an organist and I am sorry to say that the pedal board is not fully functioning, only the last set of keys on the pedalboard make a sound. On the front of the organ are five LED's above white buttons and they are labled Piston 1-5, sound comes out when you choose piston 2,3,4 and 5 and the LED's light but button 1 does not light and does not seem to do anything. All the other functionality seems to work fine but I think a test play is a good idea for anyone interested in bidding. I
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