“Churchill” Double Rear Hub Nut Spanner/Socket 18G 152

Pricing & History

Churchill double-ended rear hub nut spanner/socket/wrench No.18G 152 service tool. I have been reliably informed that this tool fits an MGB, but the year and model variants are unknown, so please check that it is suitable for your particular vehicle, it may also fit other BMC vehicles from around the same time. I’ve had the tool measured by someone who only has a digital metric vernier gauge, although the tool could possibly be of an imperial size, one end is hexagon and the other is octagonal, the hexagon socket measures 47.2mm with a 25mm diameter shaft and appears to be unused, the octagonal socket is 49.5 with a 28mm diameter shaft, the sliding T bar is approximately 50cm long. Although I’m prepared to ship outside of the UK the item is over weight for normal postage so will have to be a courier shipment, therefore it’s likely to be relatively costly, so please ask for a quote before bidding, I only charge what it costs me, or alternatively you could arrange your own courier. I also have some other BMC service tools listed