Churchill, John - First Duke of Marlborough

Churchill, John - First Duke of Marlborough. (1650-1722) 1st Duke of Marlborough; one of England`s greatest generals; ancestor of Winston Churchill. Autograph Letter Signed `Marlborough,` 2 pp, 8¾x6¾`, `Camp at Ganap` [Genappe, France], 11 Aug. 1707. Very good; boldly penned, with some unevenness at left edge lightly touching a few letters on both sides. Marlborough writes to `My Lord,` who, according to Bryan Bevan, author of Marlborough the Man is probably the Lord Treasurer, Sidney, Lord Godolphin, or possibly to Lord Cowper, the Whig, Lord Chancellor (Bevan`s letter is included in this lot). Marlborough says, in part: `As to what you are pleas`d to mention of the Ecclesiastical preferments…I am intirely of opinion with you, and am persuaded the Queen has so just a sence of your Lordships zeal and Integrity, that she will always have a due regard to whatever you represent to Her Majesty to be for her Service, and therefore I hope you will not be over modest in a matter of this concern.` He goes on to discuss matters during the War of the Spanish Succession, `…our Project in Provence is like to meet with a happy Success. They tell us that the Duke of Savoye had forced the Enemys retrenchment before Thoulon, without any further particulars, but Monsr. de Vandomes [Vendôme] making a Detachment of twelve Battalions, & nine ... read more