CIA, Air America, WWII type"Mae West" Life preserver,

Fresh find! This morning at alocal antique market I purchased a collection of Items from the familyof a career U.S. Air Force Officer. The collection consisted of mostly vietnam items, most of them rare, early US items from the conflict. All items were part of the estate of a late colonel.The colonel, who served off and on in Vietnam, Laos, Thailand and Cambodia (1960-68). His son mentioned that his father, in his later years, told him he did work flying for the CIA and Air America in southeast asia during the pre official involvement era. Apparently this was a vest issued for CIA sponsored missions.
This would make sense that this would be a item used on CIA or Air America airplanes. It meets military standards, but looks civilian, and has instructions written in several languages.
This piece is dated 1957 and is in excelent condition (just has some typical wear and storage marks/age). The Co2 cannisters are still present, however empty. The rubber pieces are still flexible and not frail. Overall, this is in great shape.
International bidders please have: A 50+ feedback rating, Paypal, and the willingness to pay for airmail shipment and insurance. I DO NOT accept bids from the following countries:
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