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NOTE: I have been asked about the legality of my law enforcement memorabilia listings including this one. The applicable law is HR 4827 P.L. 106-547. This law deals with the use of counterfeit and genuine law enforcement badges, ID's and other documents. These items in my listings are specifically excluded from any violation. This is detailed as follows as to the use of such items. They are exclude when used: 1. as a momento, or in a collection or exhibit. 2. for decorative purposes, 3 for a dramatic presentation such as a theatre, film or television 4. for any other recreational purposes.

Note 2 : Check my other items under retiredfedofficer for the NSA and CIA documents I have listed. I can now customize most of the documents with your name and photo or that of another as a gift, just as I can with these MI6 SIS,-- CIA ---Mossad---or NSA and KGB documents. . These items look great framed and matted in a memorabilia display.

SALE: The leather credential cases normally sold with a set of ID at $52.00 are on sale now for a short period of time at $20.00. This will probably last about 2 weeks.

These are the real ID's made for collectors and theatrical productions, some come from counterfeited ID's . made by the NSA and CIA such as the KGB ID.s Others were made from actual ID's, which have been digitally entered
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